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Asalam-u-Alekum. My name is Ubaid Ullah. My Date of birth is 20- 08-1991. My current age is 32 years 7 months and 25 days on 14-04-2024. I belong to the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa the province of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. My current country of stay is Pakistan, I live in a small beautiful village Macho Talash, located in District Dir Lower. Dir Lower is The province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
In this picture you can see a look at my village


I am an M.Phil scholar. I complete my M. Phil from International Islamic University Islamabad in August 2022 and currently I am enrolled as a PhD student at the University of Peshawar in the Department of Environmental Science. Besides these, I completed CT in 2016 and B.Ed in 2022.
As I am an environmentalist my area of interest is broad and diverse because we study the Environment and it encompasses all aspects of life such as ecological, social, cultural, economic, geological, climatological, physical, chemical, and biological. So my area of work will be studying all of these factors of environment.


I join the STEEMIT platform on the recommendation of one of my colleagues @irsafe in NADRA Pakistan. They advised me that it is one of the platforms on which you can share your work experience with a large number of members of the community in a systematic order. When I visited the STEEMIT I found it very feasible for work.
I have good experience with Crypto. Because I have been using Binance for the last three months. I have made several transactions on Binance as well and I invited many of my friends and made them agree to join Binance and also I shared my experience with them. Now they are still working with crypto.
I have 3 years of teaching experience and 4 years of experience as an assistant at Talash English Education Academy Ziarat Talash. Now I am performing my duty as a junior executive at NADRA Pakistan since 31 August 2022.

I am also working on My account on the is @ubaidenviro. On this platform I am working on an assignment and as a creator. On this link, you can join me on Facebook for any contact.
On Steemit I will share and like to look at and read the posts related to my field of study. I am intrusted in the natural environment and natural phenomena that are occurring in the environment. I am also interested in studying the impact of human activity on the environment.

In this post and an upcoming post, I will share my picture. I have two accounts on WhatsApp I send pictures from one account to another and then on PC I download them because I am posting from my laptop and I have no medium to connect my mobile phone with my laptop which is why I use WhatsApp.
A look at some pictures from my personal Gallery........






Hi @ubaidenviro welcome to STEEMIT, please you need to edit your post and add the information below :


Also changed your verification to a new one, and write the current date on the paper. Tag me when you're done ✅

Hi, @goodybest. InshaAllah you will be fine. Thank you so much for your recommendation. I am very glad to read your reply I am writing this reply to you to inform you that as per your instructions, I have updated my Post on this platform. Kindly take a look and evaluate it deeply if you observe any deficiencies kindly highlight them and continue your supervision of my post to improve my future posts. Once again thank you so much

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