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RE: Finally. I've Reached 1 Million Sports Power!

in #achievement3 years ago

Congrats man. I'm looking forward to the sports talk tribe on here. I've made a few sports related posts on Steemit and just kind of gave up because they were usually my worst performing posts and some of the highest effort posts I would make.

I'm going to spend the next week or two trying to get this account going on LEO and my next account is definitely going to be a sports talk account so I can start talking about fantasy football and League of Legends more as well.

Hoping for a fantasy league for League of Legends so I can share some of my top picks each week for performance as I follow the North American League pretty closely.


I can understand with your disappointments and frustration. In fact I never hope that my posts gets upvoted by Steemians having huge Steem Power. Gives me a little hope.

With Sportstalk, it solves the distribution discrepancy. In terms of behavior, there's a huge difference between the whales here than there (Steemit).

Great! I'm looking forward to see your posts. Good luck on your journey!

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