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I'm Muhammad Saeed a twenty 23 years old Pakistani. A student by profession having good communication skills.I'm here to show my talent and skills throughout socal.
So I decided to join social media platform like steemit that pays to it's audience.
I belongs to Peshawar from Pakistan which is also known as 'the city of flowers '. It has beautiful historical places through which a person could get much more pleasure and can enjoy alot and it's a famouse city of Pakistan.

I'm Athlete of 400m .Having some financial problem so I left that game. Now a days I have so many hobbies like drawing sketches, reading books, gardening, cooking etc

Currently I'm student of English literature University of Peshawar. I have done my fsc from PMDC peshawar.i also have done specialization in administration.

Who motivated me
@shahid2030 a person who motivated me to join this awesome platform . He was my hostal fellow . We spend 5 years together in one room. I'm inspired from his work so I decided to join this platform.

Social media
My Facebook account


@ripon0630 @heriadi @goodybest @inspiracion

A humble request kindly to verify this account. If you want you can talk to him in person through video call, voice call or however you want. He is serious about steemit and want to work here.

Thank you.

Thanks dude


You are welcome here brother. Yes I have invited you to join Steemit. Hope you will follow all the rules and regulations and will have a beautiful journey with us.

Steemit always support quality content: avoiding plagiarism, using copyright free materials and giving them proper citation and source, also using a proper markdown.

I wish you best of luck and have a nice journey with us.
Regard @shahid2030

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