70 Rep, 500+ Followers, 1000+ Posts, 34 MVests Achievement STEEM/SBD Give-Away Celebration!!!

in achievement •  2 years ago


In a time long ago, I had set a goal to reach Reputation Level 70. Wo0ot!

This is my first post of the kind, about any statistics level I have attained or a thanks for all your support. I wanted to do one, and make a STEEM/SBD give-away party celebration, when I reached my goal, as a way to thank everyone in some way. The time has now come! (I've been waiting for a week to post this... LOL.)

Thank you Steemit and all the Steemians for your support, no matter how constant or fleeting it is. I am here with all the statistics I have, because of you.

All STEEM and SBD from this post will be divided among people who comment along with an upvote.

If you reblog/resteem (yes, I know, pretty pointless... LOL), you get 2x the weight, and make sure to add that you rebogged/resteemed in your comment ;) At payout, each upvoting commenter will get 1 part of the whole, while those who also reblog/resteem will get 2 parts of the whole.

Please don't expect much payout for this low quality post, but it's something you can do for fun to get a little bonus STEEM/SBD ;) Up to you. Thank you for your consideration. Peace.


You might see my reputation at level 79. It's a bug, for which I have opened an issue here.

2016-11-17, 5pm

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Yay! Free Stuff For Everyone!! :D

Congratulations @krnel !!!!

Nicely done! Nicely done

Haha, why not? An interesting experiment. :)

Major congrats, @krnel. I'm jealous. ;)

Congratulations. You deserve it. You write great posts of high quality!

Did you say free ? GIVE ME !!! Resteemed lol

Congratulations on your achievement, 70 rep that is something ! Wow. :)

@krnel, you flying with the eagles now. Congratulations on all your success on this awesome platform. Thank you for the opportunity to share in your achievement. I am resteeming this very generous post.

Congratulations @krnel!!!!11

Well done, grats!!

Resteemed. Well done. Sky's the limit.

Amazing, congratulations to you sir/madam


I follow you because I enjoy your thought process when it comes to critical topics, like politics. Keep being real and dropping truth bombs. Peace!


Thanks for the support ;)

Congratulations on your success. Keep up the good work :)


you too Karen !

Congratulations @krnel on all the achievements! It's pretty freaking awesome that you are choosing to give back as a way to celebrate. Resteem


Congrats on this most impressive milestone! My own target for the moment is to reach 60 reputation, and I'll be happy if I get there before the end of the year. Can't imagine how much hard work goes into reaching 70! I wonder who will be the first person to hit 80?

Thanks for doing this giveaway! Congrats on reaching 70 Rep, resteemed.

Free Steem power??? Im all about the free. Congrats on all the vests, rep and rewards. You earned em. Resteem

You are showing Rep. 70 right now, as I see it. I usually UV and RS most posts at the same time --- and I have done both for you just now. That's a big milestone, I have sat in the 50's for quite awhile now, the struggle is real LOL!!

Congrats to you!! I passed 500 posts today and put something up about that myself. Best wishes!! BD

I like your choice of tags #achievement #celebration #reputation especially. Keep up the good work @krnel and the flow of fun ideas. Worthy of regular resteeming - like this one


Thanks for the 2.957 Steem - I will power them up.

Congrats, @krnel, way to go! I saw your rep score at 79 early this morning and was all, "holy hell!" Haha...then my short attention span kicked in and I forgot to take a screen shot for you. Glad you got to see it!

Btw, reblogged/resteemed. :D

Congratulations, upvoted and resteemed.

Any advice for newbies? I hope to join the club someday but I have a long way to go :)


Yup it takes a long time and work to put out well written and informative posts. A lot of my earlier material is from stuff I have studied for many years. So if you know something many people don't you have something to share. Good luck. Peace.

Congratulations @krnel! The giveaway idea is a nice little steem boost of happiness :) . Resteem

Great job, great job indeed. Congratulations!
resteemed ;-)

Resteem and upvote!

Congratulations :)

You can send that reputation bug to visit me for a while... :-p

Congrats & thanks for the freebies! You inspired me to figure out how to resteem. Woot!

Super duper congrats! Resteemed

Upvoted & Resteemed ; )

I don't know how you do to make so many well received posts each day. Congrats! You're one of the guy I read the most. I particularly enjoyed your post "How Viable are Cultures of Honor or Reputation?"

Keep up the awesome work and thank you for supporting my witness! I really appreciate it!

Congrats and party on! thank you for your contribution here! :)

Good job! Thanks for the giveaway. re-steemed.

Congrats! Resteemed.

Congrats @krnel. I too have similar goals. In the 60s now (hooray) and want the elusive 70 as well. Good work and congrats again.

Here's to the next 500!

Congratulations. Those are great achievements. Resteemed.


You achieved a goal I am sure many of us fellow Steemians hope to achieve.

Steem on,

Always share some of the love you receive.

Congrats! Onward and upward from here!

Grats! Nice milestone.

Congratulations! But please keep the money :)

Congrats! Upvoted and resteemed!

Congrats! Someday I hope I can join you for the quest of reaching over 70. Best of luck for your future on Steem!

Congratz on the achievement.


Good on you @krnel, I have enjoyed your blog.

Very well done, bro! Great landmark to reach!

Congrats krnel! :-)

Wow @krnel congratulations on getting so far your doing sooo well, upvoted.

Awesome job !
Wish I am going to be at some kind level like you !!!
Wish you new heights !

You deserve it! Your articles are of the highest quality!

resteemed . Congratulations ! Success to you in the future !

amazing! congrats! :)

Congrats. 100% Upvote :-)

Awesome - and impressive!!!

Congrats! Resteemed 👍

It is good that you set a goal and achieve it. Good luck in the future. Resteem.

Awesome job! Congratulations :)

Congratulations and well done. Stephen

Congrats on your achievement! It takes a lot of work to get to 70!

Congratulations and Steem on @krnel!


I was like "who's this person giving me money?"

Resteemed- every Steem counts!

Congratulatorios @krnel :) Now what is the new goal to set?


Hehe, I figured someone would ask. Maybe the fake level 79 steemit gave me instead of 70 earlier today. That will take a while.


Level 79??? Oh yes it will.

Congrats. Steem on!! Re-steemed...

Congratulations!!! What is your next milestone?


Hmm, maybe 79? Like the fake number I had earlier... hehe

Congrats! You're a good steemian and also a good samaritan!

You are one of the first people I followed, before I even knew what I was doing. I just enjoyed one of your posts. I haven't regretted it and I congratulate you on reaching your goals.

Nice one congrats on making 70. I hope to join you there someday.

Congrats krnel! That's a great achievement.

Congratulations! I know lots of work and patience went into building it.

Congrats! Resteemed! :)

Congrats, very nice to do a give away.

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Resteemed, and congrats

I'm all jelly :)


Congratulations krnel.
That's a lot of comments to divide the pot between So I'm donating 20 Steem to the party fund.


Well, that is pretty awesome of you! Following you now bc of that! Thumbs up sister!


Wow! Thanks! I will make sure to give you credit in the update post. Have a good one.

Congratulations, @krnel! Really enjoy your posts. Resteemed.


Thanks. But you should really check the Payout for giveaways... This is done. Payout have been issued. Thanks for trying ;)


Resteemed anyway!

Thank you for my steem :)

Thanks for the Steem, @krnel!

Поздравляю) image

Thanks for being with the community dishing out your thought-provokin stuff ;) I know I dont always read them as I'm busy with other curation - lets fill this place with stuff u can't really find elsewhere :) congrats on the milestone


Thanks :)

My first works are original, while I've been tamer waiting for Steemit to get fixed, putting out some original stuff here and there. But original or not, doesn't seem to matter for upvote or payouts. Usually the simpler things get more attention and popularity of payouts.

Like pizzagate fakenews post that went top top trending and I didn't even put much effort into, vs. posts like my last one, https://steemit.com/psychology/@krnel/know-thyself-the-importance-of-understanding-the-functionality-of-consciousness-psyche-mind-self-etc, that don't get much attention when it's a deeper topic.

Congrats on the level up! resteemed for everyone's pleasure.