Dew of dew in the morning.

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Hello steemians friends.

Good night all. Tonight I want to share some of my photography results that I took this morning around 07:00, Friday 27 April 2018. The picture can be seen below.

Photo Taken By @ponnibong

Photo Taken By @ponnibong

This is the photo I took this morning "Dewdrop Water Dew Day" I like to see the dew water in the morning, because besides the water is clear the morning air is also very cool, the green grass looks fresh after moistened by dew.

Long story short, I found the droplets of water in the rice field dikes already tumbuhi grass-green grass, which looks very fresh in the morning.

Photo Taken By @ponnibong

Shooting place.

This photo I took in Aceh. In the sub-district of meurah noble, Regency of North Aceh. In the paddy field.

Photo Taken By @ponnibong

Shooting device.

I took this photo by using the xiaomi redmi 4A smartphone camera by using an additional tool that is macro lenses.

By @ponnibong

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