Ladybug who is not angry, This is different from humans

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Golden ladybug insects

Insects of gold ladybugs today have been hunted by several insect collectors.
One-tailed price is around USD 5 - USD 10. This price has made many people want to have a gold ladybug.
In Indonesia, Ladybugs have many models and various types.

The wisdom I got from ladybug insects

Angry is a turbulent blood that results from pressure from something we hate to happen to us. This often results in severe damage, even the nation is able to be destroyed by the king's anger.

Angry has caused other bad actions such as hitting, throwing, torturing, hurting people, and words that should not be issued by that person,

An angry person will accuse, revile, say dirty, and revenge.

Someone who is angry with the state of poverty or bad luck that continues to happen to him results in berating and scolding God.

This is a form of despair and anger at the situation.
In fact, there were people who scolded the rain because they had wet their valuable clothesline. This is the ugliest attitude of bad behavior.


Angry ordinary things

Anger is sometimes good, it indicates that we are human, that we have feelings. But when anger is not controlled and not detained, it will cause a bad personality and behavior. Then avoid getting angry with silence. because when we are angry and we are not silent, worse things appear.

Try to be silent when you are angry or the problem gets worse.

Angry makes a husband divorce his wife
Angry makes a disobedient child to his father and mother
Angry makes the people rebel in their country
Angry to make the boss fire the employee
Angry to make a lover separate from the person who is most loved.

Good anger is when we are colonized by invaders.
Good anger is against when our lives are taken
The best anger is when our possessions want to be taken away.

The best anger is when our country is colonized

A good perspective produces good emotionality too

With a good perspective can make people see the difficult situation to be positive and the greater the chance to control anger.

Someone is angry not without a strong reason, with a strong reason that people are able to anger and vent their anger openly. Then expressing emotionally properly and well will produce good and make emotions under control which can strengthen one's mind so that it gets a reward from God who creates anger.


Desires that have not been reached

A person who does not believe in God has many desires and needs.
Because of the good deeds, he did on the basis of profit and loss. Unlike the believers, they do good because they want to get the grace of God and on the basis of God's commands.

Then the same actions done by different people will produce different things.

The desire to have a luxury car
The Desire to have many women
Desire wants to continue to accumulate money
The Desire to have a beautiful home
The Desire to have fancy clothes



Never disappointed is not good for someone, because it results in weakness, arrogance, and pride.

Conversely disappointed will make someone stronger and more experienced so that he is educated more open, alert, thorough, and careful in doing many things. So we really need disappointment. But don't let disappointment weaken us and make things worse.

Then mature knowledge will guide you more in control of the situation and look positively at the disappointment that you are facing.


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