when a pig becomes reconcil a family dispute

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disputes and disagreements are an obstacle for a family to meet and share the joys of a happy family, this difference of opinion has long been happening and even various ways have been taken to reconcile the two but the result is nil or zero. each party is more concerned with its own selfishness. but a step backward to move a few steps is the nature they used to be but now it has all gone like in the waves.


all parties have tried to find a solution even the same level of community leaders, religious leaders and indigenous leaders want to reconcile the two but still the peace was a total failure, everyone has deadlocked his mind to reunite them. whereas once they were a very harmonious family, sleeping together, eating a plate together. when his old brother is in distress, the young brother sacrifices everything to help her old brother, so does the opposite.

one day precisely on the Sunday where the brothers lived, has become a custom and habit to eradicate pig pests. all the men in the place hunt pigs which is a pest for the farmers because by chance the place is close to the forest and plantation area for the farmers. his brother went hunting pigs and so did his sister, brother was in the attack group, while the younger brother joined the group ambush. they were never in the same group because their resentment seemed to be eternal and indestructible.


the attack group directed the swarm of pigs they pursued to enter the trap that had been prepared by the ambush groups. when everything is busy with its own mission suddenly a very large pig does not know coming from which direction attacked the ambush group, it's all messed up and running around here so it makes the atmosphere out of control and even the pig that had hit and stuck its fangs to wrong one group of ambushes so that the person was seriously injured and drained a lot of blood, the pig who had hit him had gone somewhere and the hogs never went to him again.

it turns out after the trace the wounded was the brother of the brother who disagrees understand earlier, it turns out the news is heard in the ears of his brother. the brother unconsciously the javelin and the machete in his hand fell, then his brother ran up to his severely injured brother, with sadness and sorrow the elder brother felt very sorry could not keep his sister from the attack of pigs. all disputes that had been fiery were lost as if by the earth. sister said, you my sister world hereafter I regret can not protect you my sister. finally the younger brother was taken to the hospital with in accompanied by his brother and never detached sati seconds from the guardian's brother in the hospital until his brother recovered and they reconciled.

we can conclude that the dispute that can not be resolved by deliberation is in fact reconciled by a pig.


regards all users steemit aceh, regardless of its unity.

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