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@whale.aceh is an account that just wants to help in giving success to the users of Aceh's steemit. @whale.aceh mambuat system auto vote to the user steemit always use #aceh. in addition to helping beginners, @whale.aceh also has a mission to continue to catapult the name of aceh to keep in know from various parts of the world.

condition to get automatic upvote from @whale.aceh

  • use #aceh and advance your own nation (aceh)
  • post using english or aceh language
  • @ whale.aceh will not participate with post indonesian language

@whale.aceh does not seek profit in return for all steemit users because it just wants to develop its own nation

for the future we will develop our system and continue to improve steem power without having to ask or donate from any party.


It's a good breaktrough. Well done and welcome, @whale.aceh.

Pajan tameukupi sigeu? ;)

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