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This photo was taken from the highest peak in the hills of Lamreh, a heritage area of the Lamuri Kingdom who had triumphed in the 13th century as a port city.


In this panoramic photo looks a tomb under the shade a tree. The tomb was not inscribed, so it can not be ascertained tomb owner and his contemporaries.

Wikipedia source is written:
"In Chinese records, it was first referred to as Lanli (藍里) in Lingwai Daida by Zhou Qufei in 1178, later Lanwuli (藍無里) in Zhu Fan Zhi, Nanwuli (喃Kangxi Style Kangxi Radical 030.svg巫哩)in Daoyi Zhilüe, and other similar variations. In European sources it appears as Lambri (for example in The Travels of Marco Polo), Lamuri, or their variants (Lamori, Lambry, etc.)." Source

In this area we find a sandalwood tree that grows wild. The news of a few historical notes, sandalwood is one of the Lamuri Kingdom export commodities in the past.

Cendana Lamreh (4).jpg

Shoots from the sandalwood tree in the hills of Lamreh.

Research the heritage area of hills Lamreh in March 2014, has revealed some new historical data for the development of further research. Head of the research team led by Prof. Dato' Dr. Mokhtar Saidin from University of Science, Malaysia and Dr. Husaini, M.A. from Syiah Kuala University.


Mokhtar Saidin (left side) and @keuudeip (right side) are discussing when research on the Lamreh hill in March 2014.

I and other colleagues who have joined in steemit, status as independent researcher in the research team on the Lamreh hill. That @keuudeip, @steemvest17, @safar01, @k-syusteem, @steemwart, @ejhaasteem, @polem


@steemvest17 looking into the camera and a team of researchers to relax and rest while enjoying the fruits on the sidelines of research. Conditions without complaint sat on the ground, in order to achieve objectives.

Some new findings are:

Coin mold.

Keuudeip have read scratches writings contained in this object, it has the expertise to read the ancient writing on the stele. Prediction while, this thing is a container mold coins belong to the Lamuri Kingdom, but unfortunately we have never found the coins belong to the Lamuri Kingdom until today. I hope @keuudeip willing to make a special post about it here, previously he had made a post about it on, but what happens we access "Error establishing a database connection". He lack of funds to revive the website management. Keep the spirit @keuudeip...


The text contained in the object's inner circle.

Moulds coins belonging to the Aceh Darussalam Kingdom has also been found, now kept at the Museum National Indonesia. But the museum does not provide information about the place and year of discovery.


"A pair of moulds of kasha coin, on the surface has 6 different of coin sides (= from 3 cpoins). On three of coin sides mould is bearing Arabic character, reading “wau” and Islamic year 1267 Hijriyah in reversed posisition and rounded small circles. On another mould of coin sides is bearing Arabic characters “Bandar Aceh Darassalam” in reversed posisition and rounded small cirles. The mould has waterworks to put into liquid metal and have small holes to tie up in order to unmoved when the mould laid face down." Source image and description of

To clarify, I have reversed characters for easy reading.

Chinese coins

In of the research we did encounter three Chinese coins in three different places at the site of the heritage area of hills Lamreh, I just documenting a coin only with a smartphone.


At the location of the heritage area Lamreh hills, we find the distribution of ceramic shards of china and local pottery. Signifies, this is a busy neighborhood when it was a trading city with a port mainstay.


Collect some samples of ceramics and pottery shards for shooting.

I posed with carved headstone. Realist beautiful ornamental flowers and some tombstones were damaged have been destroyed.


At that time, I was directing a documentary, and I acted as an editor.

I am posing on top of a hill by a background Lamreh bay.


Thank you for reading, sorry my english is very chaotic.

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