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in aceh •  7 months ago
  • Online Prostitution

Friends of the media to deign to ask the police, related to the allegedly free online prostitution perpetrators to get the public accurate information. Remember, the news spread so fast and headlines in the media, local, national and foreign language media.

In addition, the media can conduct special interviews and ask the opinion of the kharismatic clergy of Aceh (Abu Tumin), related to the enforcement of Islamic Shari'a. I believe, Abu tumin has a different view, at the same time will be a "whip" for the Government.

In spite of everything online, in enforcing the law should be fair, the law should not be dulled up, sharp down (sebahagian in whip and sebahagian off). That is the same as, build a bad image, for the enforcement of Islamic Shari'ah in Aceh.

And so, if it is "tired", it must be publicly reported, that Dilan will not be strongly related to the matter.



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apam Aceh.. that anco bit ka Aceh