Benefits and side effects of eel consume

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Below are some of the benefits and side effects of eating eel meat

1. Phosphorus

If you want strong and strong bones, and to avoid or minimize the occurrence of bone loss or better known as osteoporosis, then it is worth the benefit of this eel meat. It is the same as the benefits of milk, the benefits of yogurt or the benefits of shrimp.

2. Iron

The benefits of iron for the human body, serves to prevent anemia. Less iron will affect the formation of hemoglobin in blood cells resulting in a lack of oxygen supply throughout the body. If the immune system is compromised, it is best to consume this eel.

3. Calories

Calories contained in the eel is also very high, high calories help meet the needs of the body to perform activities in everyday life. It should also be careful when juxtaposing eel cuisine with the benefits of white rice that has many carbohydrates.

4. Rich in Vitamins

Eels are also good for eye health, development of nerve tissue function, helps to form proteins, hormones and helps normalize blood pressure in the brain. So as to reduce the risk of blood clots in the brain, which is a benefit of vitamin B in the eel. In addition, the benefits of vitamin A reaches 1600 SI in eel, which is useful for growth, eye health and also the reproductive system.

5. Arginine

Cancer is the most deadly disease of the most feared, including breast disease. This disease is so feared by most women. Arginine contained in the eel has an important function is to inhibit the growth of breast cancer cells. And for those of us who are very fond of heart health, then you should consume eel, because by eating eel can reduce the risk of heart attack, and also narrowing of blood vessels.

Side Effects of Eel Meat

Behind the benefits of eel meat, eels also have side effects. For those of you who suffer from cholesterol, it is not advisable to consume eels. Not without reason for the ban on cholesterol sufferers, because the eel contains a high fat content.

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