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So many definitions of cryptocurrency. We can find it from many resources as well. Let's talk about internet which defined cryptocurrency in some ways, and yet it is still confusing the reader especially who are new to this term.

Besides, at the same time we also face another term that put us into new problem, that is blockchain technology, these two terms are enough to block us from understanding the real definition.

Whatever it is, i do not need to understand the definition the two terms, what i really know that cryptocurrency is sexy and maybe more than that. At least i have 3 reasons why cryptocurrency is sexy :

  • Cryptocurrency still exist although it has been banned in some countries. Yes, legally its banned, but people personally still trade it. You know, banned is ok but can not be denied.
  • At the time of pandemic, economy is the harder thing to deal with. Covid-19 does not allow people to work as usual. But cryptocurrency can be solution. I personally believe that covid-19 and cryptocurrency are in the same "digital world"
  • Confusing definition of cryptocurrency make it hard to predict, hard to manipulate the cost and value. As the result, it can't be intervened directly by anyone unless they make an announcement "do not use cryptocurrency". Just like the girl, legal or illegal status can't stop us to think about it. Because no matter what, sexy is still sexy.


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