"Rukok Pucok" —Traditional Cigarettes

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Hi Steemians, this time I will introduce you with "Rukok Pucok" (shoots cigarettes, —local language), is a traditional cigarette in Sumatra made from leaves nipah and tobacco. Making it only need to wrap the tobacco with a dried nipah leaf.


Rukok pucok, before use

The combination of these two natural ingredients produces different flavors and flavors. These traditional customs still survive today in some areas of Aceh. This type of cigarette is usually only inhaled by the parents only.

When there is death or marriage and other celebrations, this traditional cigarette is always provided, placed in a glass glass, complete with tobacco and matches. Children were allowed to try it, but without tobacco.

Nipah is a palm-type swamp plant that grows in the mouth of a river or in a mangrove forest area. From the beginning until now, the young nipah leaves are used as wrapping sheets or rolling tobacco.

However, before the use of nipah leaf has peeled out the skin first, dried in the sun, then cut into pieces the size of cigarettes. So, have you ever tried this type of cigarette?

Addicts :D


I try, and dizzy


Nipah plant


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