Keumumu Hilir; Less Visited Beaches

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We are still at the moment in South Aceh, a land famous for its legend. Not only famous for its hospitality and the diversity of its people, this area also has a lot of natural beauty that can be enjoyed by anyone who comes to visit.

Pantai Keumumu.jpg

On a quiet beach | Source: Maps

The landscape from Krueng Baru to Kapai Seusak near Subulussalam Regency, it still holds a lot of beauty and interesting things that have not been touched and exposed to the media.

As the regency dealing directly with the Indian Ocean, South Aceh also has many beautiful beaches. One of them is Keumumu Hilir Beach in East Labuhan Haji Sub-district. This place offers the attraction of rocks that stand near the beach, the atmosphere is quiet, fine sand and lined coconut trees.

It is located not so far from National Road, just about 100 meters from the Blangpidie-Tapaktuan Line. There is a boarding school which can be seen from the highway. There has been no facilities whatsoever.

The condition of the beach is quiet and untouched natural at all. Location Keumumu Hilir Beach is perfect for prewedding photos, relaxed, or just watching the sunset. For the younger set, the place is also suitable for camp.

A small hill on the coast of Keumumu Hilir can also be climbed. At its peak, visitors can see the beauty and blueness of the Indian Ocean from the periphery. There is also a small cave that has a mystical aura as you enter into it. For those of you who like fishing, also suitable as a fishing spot.

Unfortunately, at this time not many people who come to this place. Keumumu Hilir Beach is an untouched charm in South Aceh, though very accessible and has touristic attractions.[]
2013-01-25 17.20.07.jpg

Rocks near the beach

2013-01-25 17.41.28.jpg

Ocean currents

2013-01-25 18.13.52.jpg

On a small hill

2013-01-25 17.50.00.jpg

Enjoyed the sunset


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