Baiturrahman Great Mosque, Banda Aceh

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Baiturrahman Great Mosque is a mosque of Sultanate of Aceh built by Sultan Iskandar Muda Mahkota Alam in 1022 H / 1612 AD Beautiful and magnificent buildings similar to the Taj Mahal in India is located right in the heart of Banda Aceh and the center of all activities in Aceh Darussalam.

When the Kingdom of the Netherlands attacked the Sultanate of Aceh on the second Dutch army aggression on Shafar Moon 1290 Hijri / 10 April 1873 AD, Baiturrahman Great Mosque was burned. Then, in 1877 the Dutch rebuilt the Great Mosque of Baiturrahman to attract attention and dampen the anger of Aceh Nation. At that time the Sultanate of Aceh was still under the rule of Sultan Muhammad Daud Syah Johan Sovereign who was the last Sultan of Aceh.

As a historic place that has high artistic value, the Baiturrahman Grand Mosque becomes a religious tourism object that is able to make every tourist who come chuckle awe at the history and beauty of architecture, where Baiturrahman Great Mosque is one of the most beautiful mosque in Indonesia that has stunning architecture, carving an attractive, spacious courtyard with a Turkish-Ottoman Ottoman Turkish bath pool and will be very cool when inside this mosque.


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