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imageHello steemian friend...

i just joined in steemit on a few days ago, i want to introduce myself to friends who are in steemit .. on this occasion allow me to introduce about who I am .. my name is Mursalin commonly called Mursal I am the third child of five siblings, I was born in Aceh, February 07, 2000. Currently, I live in TJA street, Pantonlabu, Aceh, Indonesia ..

Talk about hobby problem of course I have a hobby that is a walk, I choose the road because I chose my street hobby ,, I have two brothers and two sisters, my sister's name is Aliya and Atiya, they are twins .. as the name of the first boy, I certainly membingbing my sister's brother to grow well .. My father worked in a shop, from morning to evening, of course make him too busy, and my mother is gone, therefore I as a first boy I have to take care of them well ..

Mmm ... I guess that's all I can say about introductions myself, thank you very much for your attention .. i thank you


welcome to steemit bro.
enjoy your day here.
good choice @mursal.steem
please follow me and I follow you too

Hello brother... Welcome to the community... Here is a tip for you.. Make yourself known to grow.. Follow people and vote others... More you vote more you get back. I upvoted yours.