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Hey there fellow steemians!

I'm not gonna lie i was literally dry on ideas what to right and i came up with silly idea about tips how to clean up ur house in 45 minutes 😎

We love our home(house) and always try to keep it clean(not true). You live alone and do not compromise with dust and dirt, but cleaning can take several hours of free time, which would be so desirable to spend on more useful things. In addition, this routine occupation is not very popular, and if there was a way to reduce the time spent on cleaning, this would be a real fantasy. You have two options for how to do it: the first is to contact a cleaning company whose employees will help to put the house in order, but keep in mind that this pleasure is not cheap. The second option is to listen to our advice, which will help to clean the home in 45 minutes.

🎶Choose a dynamic music list for epic CLEANING!🎶

Oh yeah, you have to hear epic musical cuttings, not pleas for the help of microbes or the sound of a vacuum cleaner. Choose music that will inspire you to do housework and will not let you stand still. Press play and start making it happen.

🌊Fill the sink with hot water and detergent🌊

Fold in all the dirty dishes and do not forget that fat pan on the stove. Yes, yes, we all know this sad lesson, when, after washing all the dishes, you find a dirty greasy frying pan. Terribly infuriates. After you fill all this disgrace with water, move on.

🏩Start with the bedroom🏩

Remove the dirty bed linen and put it in the basket and don't forget your panties, socks, trousers, having checked your pockets(must do) unless u wanna have ur spare $20 washed and ruined :D . It will be sad if you lose the number that the beauty wrote on a napkin. Next, we will deal with books and papers. Gently fold them. If there is a chest of drawers or a box, it is advisable to place them there.

Then gently switch to the bathroom and kitchen

Here, your accuracy and achievements of modern science will come to your aid, which destroy 99.9% of bacteria, namely, cleaning products. First, spread out your razor, after shave gel, shampoos, soap and other hygiene products. Then spray the cleaners on the tub, sink, toilet bowl and other surfaces that need to be cleaned, and allow time for the chemistry to start acting. By analogy, apply a cleaning spray on kitchen surfaces: a gas stove, a table, panels - in general, everything that has managed to stain.


Work the surface in the living room: clean the coffee table, lockers, clean the chairs. Sort out the disorderly lying books, newspapers and magazines, fold blankets, blankets and pillows. You will be surprised, but these little things create order in the house. Fold the cords and wires so that they look neat and do not interfere with walking around the house, lying under their feet.

Finish cleaning up the bathroom

Cleaning supplies worked, so wipe it off and wash it off as it should. Clean the toilet with a brush and place a block that will create a pleasant aroma and disinfect the surface when it flushes. Use antibacterial wipes to clean the surface of the toilet bowl, and paper towels for the same purpose for tile on the floor. Replace dirty towels on clean and do not forget to get a roll of toilet paper. Do not miss a mirror: remove toothpaste and dried droplets from it; wipe the towel so that it shines like a badge at a sailor.

Finish kitchen ady :3

Half way behind, but still as much ahead, so make music louder, because soon the chorus will begin, and move to the kitchen. Wipe all surfaces that have been cleaned with cleaning agents. Rub off the crumbs, sugar, coffee and remove stains from the tablecloth. Do you think the microwave does not need to be cleaned? Wipe the inner surface and the outer panel. Cut the knives, because they must cut bread, and do not break it. Remember, you filled the dishes at the very beginning? Wash it, then wipe the sink and tap. Done! The kitchen shines like a bright sunbeam.


Armed with a vacuum cleaner and get to work. Do not leave even the slightest hope of dust, crumbs, villi and other evil sponges, cluttering your house. After all the carpets and the surfaces needing cleaning are put in order, take a rag and do the washing of the floors. Wet cleaning has not hurt anyone yet, besides you can get to places that are not accessible to the vacuum cleaner. After all these manipulations you will only have to pour out the dirty water, turn off the music and relax, enjoying the induced order.

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