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Al Quran can be jealous ...
When he is stored neatly in the closet
While your gadget is not loose goods a day
Al Quran can be jealous ...
When he was covered with dust a few centi
When novels, comics, magazines more faithfully accompany
Al Quran can be jealous ...
When he was no longer ditartilkan with melodious
For losing competitiveness with music and song lilting
Al Quran can be jealous ...
When he rarely touches you again
Because of this and that
All collide for your time
Until your recitations later
The Qur'an can be jealous ...
When he is only touched in the remaining time and energy
When he was read while sleepy began to whack
While you are able to linger
Literacy watches sinetron and ball
Al Quran can be jealous ...
When you are with him
But your mind is floating somewhere
Your lips are eloquent in reciting His verses
But your heart is empty no soul there
Ahh .... duhai self
Do not be so, take your time before the breath is no longer given a quota.
Before it's too late, make him a friend.
So that in the Hereafter he comes as intercession.
Aamiin Ya Rabbal Alamin

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Puisi yang indah tentang Alquran, tapi yg paling membaca dan memahaminya....

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