About Land Wakaf Aceh in Saudi Arabia, BPKH Lift Talk, This Explanation Anggito Abimanyu

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Hajj Finance Management Agency (BPKH) finally spoke up regarding the investment plan on the land of endowments in Aceh located in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

Contacted Serambinews.com by phone from Banda Aceh, Wednesday (14/3/2019), Head of BPKH, Anggito Abimanyu clarify the issues that have been developed, both in the national media and local media in Aceh.
"Firstly I want to explain, there is no right and no intention to take over the management of wakaf land, whether it is wakaf land of Baitul Asyi or other wakaf land that already has a pledge," said Anggito.

According to him, it is impossible to do BPKH, because it would violate the law and sharia.

"It is impossible for BPKH to act against the law or sharia," explained Anggito.
So there is no such thing, no statements from me or from others (in BPKH) on the transfer of wakaf land, "he added.

Existing, continued Anggito, BPKH want to invest and develop the haj funds in order to provide benefits and maslahat to pilgrims.
He further explained, the investment to be developed is cooperation in the management of hotels that have been built on the wakaf land.

"There's already a hotel there, and that hotel contract will run out in eight years. We have talked to the investors so that the benefits are more in accordance with the pledge (Habib Bugak), then if we can work together, if we run out we have lined up with nadzirnya, if possible later investors from Indonesia, "said Anggito.
He wondered, why this issue is so viral, when Indonesia wants to develop that investment.

In fact, the land of Baitul Asyi was already developed first nadzirnya, why never been questioned.

"Kok now the Indonesian people want to develop just so the problem," sebutnya.
During this time he said, has been developed investment by Arab investors or entrepreneurs.

"That's if the Arab investors are not all to Indonesia (the result), later if we invest the benefits of Indonesian pilgrims and of course Aceh pilgrims," ​​he concluded

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