The women who guard the forest in Bener Meuriah Aceh

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Complete with hats, uniforms, boots and bags filled with forest patrol equipment, women pose like war troops. They were not ready to fight, but had other duties as forest guards in Bener Meriah, Aceh.
The women who came from the Damaran Baru Village Forest Management Institute (LPHK), Bener Meriah, formed a women's forest guard to protect the forest or referred to as Mpu Uteun (forest guard). Become the first female ranger in all of Aceh.

Women's forest police officer at LPHK Damaran Baru, Bener Meriah. Dock. HAkA

Farmer woman at the foot of Mount Burni Telong. Photo by Desi Badrina / acehkini

The Chairperson of the Aceh Natural Forest and Environment Foundation (HAkA), Farwiza, said that She strongly supports the LPHK Damaran Baru initiative in forming a female ranger. "The formation of the 'Mpu Uteun' team is a new thing, the first Female Ranger team in Aceh. Hopefully it will be an inspiration for all the people of Aceh to protect the forest and the environment, "She said.

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