The name of the Aceh Merdeka Declator, Hasan Tiro, was proposed to be the name of the Aceh Toll Road

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Teungku Hasan Muhammad Di Tiro, while in Aceh after peace, photos taken in February 2010. Doc: private

The Aceh government, in several statements to the media, named the toll road as 'Sibanceh', short for Sigli-Banda Aceh.
The Secretary General of the Aceh Nusantara Student and Youth Committee (KMPAN), Fadhli Espece, assessed the name 'Sibanceh' as having no philosophical meaning that reflected the Acehan values, but only an abbreviation of the combined name Sigli-Banda Aceh.
"Even if it is read in the Acehnese language, it seems to be dwarfing, we can interpret Sibanceh in the Acehnese language" just hatched ", it sounds like avian, like a chick," he said

The convoy of President Jokowi's group when reviewing the Aceh Toll Road. Photo by Suparta / acehkini

Before the name stuck in the minds of the public, KMPAN had other proposals. They suggested that the Aceh Government think of names with local nuances and philosophical and symbolic values and meanings. Moreover, Aceh has specificity and authority in protecting its culture and history.
KMPAN proposed the name of the Aceh toll road with the name of the Declator of the Free Aceh Movement (GAM), Teungku Hasan Muhammad Di Tiro or Hasan Tiro. "His name deserves to be pinned on the toll road that connects Banda Aceh-Sigli. He was an important figure in contemporary Aceh history. He is also from Pidie whose capital city is Sigli, "said Fadhli.

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