Working to find Ridha of God

in aceh •  8 months ago

The work of a person is diverse which without us realizing it is indeed the Rabbi divides sustenance to his creatures. In working the main capital is the intention to find Ridha Rabbi. It is fitting that work requires a person to be professional in carrying out and applying work demands. For several months I have served in writing and looking for referrals, I have had many valuable experiences.

'Never stop before it works' that's a slogan for me. When an emergency service becomes a reference in work, it is not easy, because all the risks that can occur at any time or even lack of sleep can be a bet to get money.

Do not give up easily. Have you ever heard of a sellers who produce a little kale, but because of sincerity and enthusiasm 45, he can ride the Hajj ki Baitullah, Mecca.

It is not easy, there are many risks that will be passed but undergoing a work with a sincere heart will produce tangible results as well as when service is considered to be a futile work at that time it will result in disrespect in the dwarfed soul away from the main goal of getting the Rabbi's pleasure.


Lagee keubeu bloh lam paya
Soe nyang dikeu nyan keuh raja

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