Should They hope?

in aceh •  6 months ago

I remember my child glory. ATjeh can no longer enter as the main oil and gas producer in Indonesia. The cessation of Arun LNG due to the decrease of gas production in the former gas field of Mobil Minyak has resulted in a low revenue from the oil and gas sector. The presence of the Aceh Oil and Gas Management Agency is expected to prepare Aceh's oil and gas triumph. Exxon Mobil's Arun production has been operating almost 50 years ago reaching its peak in 1990-1998 Most of Arun gas is exported in the form of LNG to Japan, Korea and other countries. Only a small portion is reserved for local industries, such as fertilizer, chemical and paper factories. Another Exxon gas source NSO, SLS then Pase was produced in the 2000s to meet the export quota for reduced Arun gas production.
To be continued

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