Indonesia is full of beautiful islands

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Good evening my friends

One of Indonesia's beautiful islands is Papua. Not all of the haver have ever gone here. The beauty of the Biak area is not inferior to Bali and other tourist attractions, it is only less publicized out of the area both by the local community and by the press. The island which was used as a transit before moving to Manokwari kept the sea view so beautiful. If you have the funds, it's good to go around Biak Island before heading to there. The mainstay tourist destination on Biak Island, namely Segara Indah Beach or the most familiar to the surrounding community with Bosnik Beach. The beauty of the beach in the east of it is very suitable to be watched when the day begins towards dusk. The cool Bosnik Beach is located in Woniki Village, East Biak. This beach is not too far from the city center, about 45 minutes to the east. The trip is quite easy because we only live down a paved road along the beach. We can see this beautiful view from the gazebos that line up neatly facing two small, adjacent islands, namely Owi Auki Islands. Behind the shadows of the two islands, Japen Island is much larger. The island group in the east of Biak named the Pandaidori Islands holds extraordinary marine natural wealth. There are around many dive spots with gentle beaches suitable for snorkeling and diving. The waves are not so big and clean sand makes this beach very comfortable to play. With such clear water, we can see the beach floor along with the sea water gradation. It's so cool if you travel there even for some Indonesian, it's so expensive to be vagabond there.

Image source:,_Kabupaten_Mappi,_Papua

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please post some pictures of your trip... i think place is very beautiful


Please post some pictures
Of your trips... i think place is
Very beautiful

                 - priyanarc

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