Acehese special food

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Hello friends, everyone, wherever you are. This time, I will make a post about typical Aceh food. Yes ... Aceh. Aceh, besides being known for its beautiful natural surroundings, is also known for its distinctive food. One of them is "timphan"
The link is a typical process of the Acehnese. In other places we might not be able to get it, because only Aceh is the only province that owns the dish.
In addition to "timphan" there are also other foods, namely "keukarah aceh", the typical Acehnese food will be felt if enjoyed with a cup of coffee gayo ... Huuuuuu. It's delicious. So .. Whoever you are, if you already enjoy the cuisine of Aceh, you will definitely imagine when you can enjoy it again. Aceh lon SayangIMG_20180813_214846.jpg

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