A Brief History of Aneuk Manyak camp in Aceh

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A Brief History of Aneuk Manyak camp
This is a short story of a man named Tengku Murhaban, from Meulaboh (an unknown village) making a long journey while climbing the ascent at the foot of the mountain. Around 1932, he married a virgin named Maisarah, from Geumpang Keumala, Pidie. From the results of the marriage, they were blessed with a baby boy who, according to a very handsome story. When the little girl was 4 years old, her mother, Maisarah, died. Since then, your little one has only the solace and the grief treatment, the beloved father, Murhaban.
The local community finally took the history to become the name of Kubu Aneuk Manyak Hamlet, Gampong Tungkop, Sungai Mas Subdistrict, West Aceh. This was done to commemorate the heroic story of the past. the name of Al-Muhajirin, as a place of worship for road users who stopped there. Most of those who stopped there during school holidays, because many students from Banda Aceh returned to Meulaboh, Abdya, South Aceh, and the surrounding area through the road.
This is a piece of the story about the history of the many Aneuk camps that became the history of Aceh. Aceh is full of history. Many foreign tourists are attracted to Aceh because the story is full of mystery.

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