Rp 100 Million for Elephant Killer Information

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The veterinarian team of BKSDA Aceh together with the team of inafis and identification of East Aceh Police, Sunday (10/6/2018), conducted crime scene and necropsy of dead tomb of Bunta elephant that was found dead in the vicinity of CRU Serbajadi, East Aceh, Saturday (9/6 / 2018).

BANDA ACEH - Governor of Aceh, Irwandi Yusuf angry against the killer of a tame elephant named Bunta in Serbajadi Conservation Response Unit (CRU), East Aceh district, some time ago. He wants the offender to be found and dealt with. For that, he prepared money Rp 100 million for anyone who can provide accurate information about who the elephant killer.

The information was conveyed by Governor Irwandi through his facebook account, Wednesday (13/6) approximately at 07.30 WIB. In his post, Irwandi said the Rp 100 million prize was given directly by the Governor of Aceh.

"A Rp 100 million prize from the Governor of Aceh for those who can provide accurate information that can direct law enforcement officers to arrest the perpetrators of the murder of a tame elephant named Bunta in East Aceh," Irwandi wrote.

For those who want to provide accurate information about it, Irwandi invited to send the intended information to his personal email, [email protected]

As governor, Irwandi guaranteed the confidentiality of the complainant or the information giver to himself related to who the perpetrator of the tame elephant's murder was. "Confidentiality is guaranteed by the governor," said Irwandi.

Likewise, Irwandi still expects, the perpetrator who has killed Bunta, to immediately surrender to the authorities, if not then the perpetrators must be ready to be caught by the police. "To the perpetrators are expected to immediately surrender to the authorities or will be arrested with unpredictable risks," lid Irwandi in his status fb.

Until 14.30 WIB Wednesday (13/6), the status of Irwandi Yusuf got 887 like, 509 comments, and 285 times distributed.
Earlier, the Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA) Aceh also announced the same thing, BKSDA will give Rp 10 million for anyone who can provide accurate information about the perpetrators of the murder of a tame elephant named Bunta it.
"BKSDA Aceh and partners will give a reward of Rp 10 million for anyone who can provide accurate info Bunta killer. Buru killer! "Wrote the Head of BKSDA Aceh Province, Sapto Aji Prabowo on his facebook account uploaded at 21.00 pm, Sunday (10/6) night.
As is known, Bunta, a tame elephant in the CRU Serbajadi die with the terrible conditions in the CRU area in Mushroom Batang, Gampong Bunin, Serbajadi Subdistrict, East Aceh, Saturday (9/6) approximately at 08.00 pm. On the left cheek Bunta there are stab wounds and missing left ivory. The gaping wound that allegedly used the stab was also suspected as a forced attempt by the perpetrator to take the ivory of Bunta.
Bunta is 27 years old and has been around 12 years as a tame elephant since being arrested in 2006 at Gampong Alue Rambe, North Aceh. The elephant has been placed in the Serbian CRU since two years ago.

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