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From these fruits already know and there are not yet know the benefits of a vegetable called squash or white pumpkin sold in the market lokal.karena fruit squash this siam there are benefits that are very helpful for the health of the body, every body we also need fruits, fruits containing vitamin c. what is not necessary if our body is not healthy like vitamins that already exist in the market respectively. we tell about these fruits are very useful for our bodies lacking fluids and vitamins. how to cook there are pieces of squash in the iris and in clean the skin and the contents of the seeds are also cleaned after that in pieces just as we cut the fruit, provide a pan and water to cook the fruit squash, make soup fruit that needs a lot, to boil and cooked a little salt, and fried garlic that has been fried in berries also in fruit squash siam.sajikan we can taste for our body health.
Pumpkin water or some people know it as a squash, contains many substances and minerals in the body needs, such as calcium, polyphenols, sponin and vitamin C benefits.This form of oval shaped like the avocado and green, some Indonesians use water pumpkins as raw vegetables to be made in lalapan or as a cooked vegetable in stir-fry or in soup raw fruit.baik or cooked, this pumpkin contains many benefits for our bod.


  1. Heal the heat in it
    The compound is sometimes in a water pump like cold sponin and polyphenol so it can lower the high temperature, the pumpkin can cure the deep heat because it can neutralize the heat present in the throat and other digestive tract.

  2. heal canker sores
    In the same way as the treatment of heat in this water will reduce excess body heat that can also cause sariawan.labu water also contains vitamin C that serves to strengthen the immune system, so a disease such as canker sores can easily be opposed by this water gourd.

  3. Strengthen the bones
    pumpkin contains 17 milligrams of calcium that really meet our daily calcium consumption, if the routine consumption as a vegetable alone, then you will get this calcium benefit through reduced risk of calcification of bone at an early age.

  4. generate power and stamina
    Pumpkin contains potassium which is an electrolyte to maintain our stamina, but it also contains the benefits of protein and carbohydrate benefits that meet 5% of our daily needs. The content of carbohydrates and proteins can increase the energy and stamina of our body for daily activities.

  5. Can lower the temperature in children with high fever
    As a medicine, you can consume a pumpkin of water by drinking water and boiling it. Water juice can be drunk to reduce body heat in a short time, work well like a compress in general.

  6. Remove the remaining wind
    If your stomach feels bloated or the wind is already settling in your stomach, then the pumpkin can reduce the wind inside the stomach. Pumpkin contains diuretic substances whose use is to treat flatulence, its diuretic mechanism will suck (collect) the remaining wind that can not get out of the digestion, so flatulence can be lost by consuming pumpkin water.

  7. A study was conducted at the University of North Florida and revealed that a strong gourd is available for the prevalence of glycogen in the blood: high blood causes inherited diseases such as diabetes, kidney stones and so on. The role of minerals in this pumpkin can destroy kidney stones in a short span of time.

  8. Prevent cholesterol
    Pumpkin does not contain cholesterol at all, of course it helps you prevent cholesterol. If you are on a healthy die diet, pumpkin water can be used as a menu by boiling it and not spicing at all. This fruit is efficacious to reduce the consumption of cholesterol every day.

  9. Can lower blood pressure
    Pumpkin water contains no cholesterol and bad fats, but it also low carbohydrate content. The low sugar content will certainly lower the blood-bound glycogen levels, the claim that the pumpkin can lower blood pressure is proven by research done at Purdue University. You are consuming pumpkin water as a medicine. The fruit can be destroyed and served in the form of drinks or just raw foods (basically not cooked).

  10. Contains folate for infant's perfection
    for pregnant women, consuming pumpkin water is highly recommended to achieve perfection in the fetus that is in the womb. Pumpkin water contains the benefits of vitamin B and folate that meets the needs of about 25% for the body. Folate is useful to help the cells so that babies can develop well and avoid birth defects.

  11. Prevent constipation
    Constipation is a disease caused by our body lack of fiber. Lack of water and fiber content in our body will inhibit the stool in the colon to the anus. Pumpkin contains fiber and compounds that can cool the temperature of the digestive organs, so the gourd is very useful to resist or prevent the shame that can result in hemorrhoids.

  12. Reduce cancer risk
    The content of vitamin C in the pumpkin is high enough, that is 7.7 milligrams in 100 grams of fruit.labu water should not be cooked too long so that the vitamin content does not evaporate too much, the benefits of vitamin C serves to trigger the development of immune: antioxidants that clean up free radicals cause growth malfunction of cancer cells in our body.

  13. prevent the risk of heart disease
    Vitamin C and antioxidant benefits in water gourd is very beneficial to our health, free radicals that memicupertumbuhan cancer cells will be inhibited by the presence of powerful antioxidants and immune system. Thus, you can also avoid heart disease that lurk as a hereditary disease or disease caused by habit

  14. Cleaning the lungs
    If you are a strong smoker, you should consume a pumpkin of water in the shortest time

  15. Lose weight
    For those of you who want to lose weight, squash water can be used as a reference menu of vegetables in your self progam.labu program only contains 16 calories in every 100 grams, and does not contain saturated fat or cholesterol.selain that high fiber content in water gourd this will make you can

  16. Inhibition early
    Flasks of water contain Flavonoids, which are substances that are useful to resist harmful and reactive substances that harm the body. Free radicals that cause early penuan will be inhibited by the presence of this flavanoid.

  17. Prevent anemia
    For those of you suffering from anemia, or to prevent anemia. you can take advantage of water gourds containing the benefits of iron and vitamin B2 that trigger the liver work to produce more red blood cells and hemoglobin in the body.


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