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Kita semua ingin terlahir normal,cantik,pandai,kaya, dan lainnya kenormalan.
Ada istilah untung tak dapat diraih, malang tak dapat ditolak.
Kita beriman kepada qadar positif dan negatif. Kepandaian bisa diraih. Ciri khusus fisik bukan medan keinginan insan.
Kami sebagai guru harus mampu menepiskan perbedaan itu dalam menumbuhkan perkembangan si anak. Bahkan harus memberikan perhatian lebih agar jiwa mereka tidak kerdil. Memanglah lain ladang lain belalang. Lain orang lain juga caranya.
Anak yang kurang normal diharapkan bisa berbaur dalam masyarakat tanpa ada perasaan risih.


We all want to be born normally, beautifully, smartly, rich, and other normally.
There are two fortune; good and bad.
We believe in positive and negative fortune/qadar. Skill can be achieved. A special physical feature is not the field of desire of human.
We are as teachers must be able to dismiss these differences in fostering the development of the child. Even we have to give more attention so that their souls are not dwarfed. Indonesia proverb says that "each field has different grasshoppers.
Children who are less normal are expected to blend in society without any feeling uncomfortable.

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