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In carrying out Hajj, pilgrims often talk about fines or dam. They can pay it at a place determined by the kingdom or can directly buy a goat to be slaughtered directly on the market. Most of the goats are sold in the market, but there are also cattle and others. There is a market located 15 kilometers from the Grand Mosque.

Pilgrims who do tamattu pilgrimage, are obliged to pay dam nusuk. This type of pilgrimage, basically after Ihram, the pilgrims perform mandatory Umrah. Ihram is then released to the peak of the Hajj. The congregation has just returned to recitation when staying at Arafat, staying overnight at Muzdalifah, the jumrah aqabah, and tawaf ifadah.

The congregation that combines Hajj and Umrah or called Haji Qiran is also required to pay fines. Those who violate the provisions of Ihram must also pay damages. Likewise those who leave the compulsory pilgrimage, such as berihram or the intention of Umrah or Hajj in miqat, mabit in Muzdalifah, Mina, throwing jumrah, and tawaf wada '.

Speaking of prices, you know, traders want to profit. That's why the price, varies depending on the weight of the goat. For goats weighing around 12.5 kg, the price is in the range of 300 riyals. Who slaughtered? Allow ourselves to also use their services. we just need to name ourselves and be immediately slaughtered by the slaughter truck. It costs around 20 riyals. If you want to be escorted to the place, the price can increase again.



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