Never give up on everything

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Happiness is the main

Humans always pursue happiness, but the money that becomes the motivation for happiness has been used as a goal of happiness.

So don't ever distance yourself from goals and objectives.

Bad things always come uninvited

What are the good and bad things that continually meet us?.
Family life.
Single life.
Then all bad things, directly and indirectly, will haunt us.

With bad things, we grow up and continuously educate and guide us.
Never get a failure in life.

The Maturity of the soul is formed from bad things and we are able to overcome them.

We have to fight our souls from bad things.
Then the knowledge we get will guide us continue to survive and become strong.

Compassion and understanding have made the bond so strong and strong.

both of us, hopefully, we will still strengthen each other. I beg you, love, if my heart is still vulnerable to something that I should not do, please guide me in your love, guide me in your understanding of the good.


Learn to love

So loving and loving makes us stronger in bonding.

Back and forward in feeling makes the soul balanced and strong.

So don't ever give up.
Never give up!
God always guides us.


Ladybug inspires people to never give up on us

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asslmkm. gure bereh that nyan fhoto. trep ka tanyoe hana meurempok. seht gure di sinan?

Good job Tgk.
whether you have returned from ARAB