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God created you and all your actions

Morals and ethics refer to the teachings about good deeds, behavior, traits, and temperament.

Humans belonging to creatures that have a reason, soul, and feeling must refer to the morality that God has revealed through the Prophet as the messenger of the Almighty God.

When humans leave teachings revealed by God, humans become chaotic.
That is, humans will claim to be right and others are wrong.
Claim each other that their tribe is right and another tribe is wrong.

Then the Teachings are very important for humans to straighten their understanding of right and wrong. But if the human mind decides and is supported by the desire of the soul, then the understanding of right and wrong will become chaotic.

God's teachings teach us how we sleep.
God's teachings teach humans how to get along with others.
God teaches how humans should behave with plants.
God teaches humans how to punish other humans when they are wrong.
God guides how to have sex with the opposite sex.
God teaches humans how to behave with animals and nature.

Then all the teachings have been passed down through the Prophet as messengers of God.
End-time prophet.
The leader of all the Prophets, Muhammad PBUH

Humans will envy angels with human dignity and glory.

So humans should believe in what God has revealed



Cleansing the soul from malice, anger, resentment, arrogant, feeling right, thinking ourselves better, and all the bad things that are in our souls so that we are able to raise ourselves to glory.

Humans have a miserable nature that pervades all human souls so they are afraid of losing a little wealth.
Fear of poverty, fear that the company will not grow back because of one and two gifts to those in need.

We consider it a good thing to be rewarded by God

We do many good things for humanitarian reasons.
We do good because of equality.
We do a lot of good for family reasons.
We always do good for money reasons.
We continue to do good because of state reasons.
Everything we do with the above reasons we consider the virtues and practices that God deserves to reward. But you must know that all of these reasons are in vain and do not deserve to be called good deeds so that God is rewarded.

You do for the world. So God rewards the world.
You do good for reasons known throughout history, then God will give it to you.
You do good for financial reasons, then you get it.

God will assume all virtues are virtues when
the main moral goals are so that every Muslim is virtuous, behaves, behaves or acts well according to the teachings of Islam.

أَفْضَلُ الْجِهَادِ أَنْ يُجَاهَدَ الرَّجُلُ نَفْسَهَ وَ هَوَاهُ

The most terrible and most terrible warfare is to fight our souls from disgraceful actions.
Take care of ourselves from the whispers of the devil.
Fight us from doing evil.
Fight us from the desire of an unhealthy soul.
Fight our greed for property and power.
Fight our souls from evil.

So avoiding and combating this is an all-powerful war.
You will not understand and understand how terrible the war is except when you have entered and moved to fight your own soul.

Butterflies don't have to fight their souls

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