Flying fish

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Exocoetidae, commonly called Flying Fish or in Aceh known as Harbang fish are fish families that are named for their ability to emerge out of the water and glide up remotely with their pectoral fins outstretched. Their slender shape like a torpedo, helping them gather enough underwater speed to break the surface, and their fins like wings get airborne. Once in the air, these fish can glide over a short distance away.

fish 01.jpg

Flying fish are thought to have evolved so has the ability to glide incredible to avoid predators they are many. Their predators include mackerel, tuna, swordfish, marlin, and other large fish. Unfortunately, this is not enough evasive maneuvers to escape from the largest predators on earth, the man.

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First time to see such fish .. Nice post

thank u so much @xkarisyed

Ikan terbang,apakah bisa di bawa saya terbang

thank you @abysoyjoy