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A lot of steemians come from Aceh in Indonesia. I wanted to learn more and was quite impressed with their history. There is a lot to be learned about this nations fight to gain sovereignty. It seems the nation destroyers (Exxon Mobil and the like), have not been able to get a free ride. The more I learn, the more I suspect the Tsunami of 2004 was man made. The fact that one quarter of the entire population showed up at a demonstration is a testament to the solidarity of the Aceh people. Globalist trample everyone everywhere, and the nations that resist the most get demonized worldwide and attacked by the most sophisticated secret weapons. How much slander can the world press dish out? I am curious to know if anyone in Aceh witnessed Rainbow blotches in the sky before the earthquake. These colorful clouds have become the fingerprint of high energy weaponry. This cloud was photographed before the tsunami in Japan. To summarize, I've learned a lot about the tiny island nation and to know them is to love them and the globalists assaults continue unnoticed by the rest of the world. Every one knows that man made rainstorms inundated Viet Nam during the war. I would guess Aceh experiences epic amounts of rain. Its just a guess. I know corporate globalists hold deep grudges and like to stay busy.
I wish to thank the many people of Aceh that comment on my posts as I include them in my thoughts and prayers.

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I am very impressed because you want to take the time to learn about aceh
with your explanation on the blog, most aceh people also say something similar to what you convey, maybe some people do not know about the rainbow it was before the earthquake in aceh,
and some Acehnese who joined Aceh's struggle for independence from Indonesia also said the same thing that the earthquake in Aceh caused the tsunami was a human act only for the sake of dirty politicians,
one of the evidence that many witnessed by people aceh is with the cruise ship from abroad who came to help aceh, shortly after the tsunami triggered by the earthquake, if we study it very unreasonable because the cruise ship is directly in aceh moment after the tsunami,
there may still be many irregularities that occurred in aceh at that time

and I also agree with the explanation of @remajaatjeh, this is a trial from God, maybe I think the trials are various ways that are given by God, with the occurrence of tsunami in Aceh may be one way God gave the cause disaster from the hands of human

Thank you so much my friend @brotherdave and this is my Discord wynda#2420, maybe we can communicate more often


Awai that absen euh..

Hello @brotherdave, what you say in your post I'm very impressed because you want to take the time to learn about aceh that is rich in the earth's content, because with the fertility of the soil wants to plant something on the coral reefs palm trees fertile hudup. with your explanation on the blog, most aceh people also say something similar to what you convey, maybe some people do not know and do not want to know about the rainbow before the earthquake in aceh, in that morning I was in lhokseumaw, a city that is familiar with the nickname of Petrodollar, according to the views of other districts of the city of Aceh that this is drowned, because urban is surrounded by the sea. and some Acehnese who joined Aceh's struggle for independence from Indonesia also said the same thing that the earthquake in Aceh was an engineering, so that aceh peace did not demand independence anymore. How not a few days after the tsunami there was a foreign ship delivering aid, and in my opinion this is not separated from the gods. And I say appreciation to you who made a post about the atmosphere of aceh you quoted in] ekipedia.

hello @brotherdave what you say is true because aceh is rich in the produce of earth as you say about exson Mobil, so there is rebellion in because aceh society can not utilize its own natural products as it should be. maybe god is kicking another because the old war has happened, then god stop by the way of the tsunami in order to be peaceful, and this there is a little awkwardness in my nutmeg whether this is an element of human intervention is not ya ?.

hello @brotherdave what you describe is true because aceh is rich in nature, it should be an outer country glance aceh, and many people say when sitting in this coffee shop all like there is human intervention about tsunami, apart from the will of god greetings @btotherdave , very very fond of your post apalgi you peeling about aceh.

waw @brotherdave is amazing and I am amazed, because you are peeling about the tsunami of aceh, and in my opinion it is all inseparable from the will of God, we humans only as intermediaries whether good or bad depends on our heart mngngarah where. good @brotherdave.

At least @brotherdave with the earthquake and tsunami events that we Acehnese people can feel one of the wisdom of this terrible natural disaster. One of the lessons is the peaceful peace between the government of Indonesia and the Free Aceh Movement (Gerakan Aceh Merdeka, GAM). Thus there was no more forced disappearance by the Indonesian military and the torture of civilians, and children were no longer orphaned because their father was taken by the Indonesian military.

The tsunami that occurred in Aceh a few years ago is not only bringing sympathy and assistance from various parts of the world, but also encouraging the creation of peace in Aceh as I said above. The 30-year conflict could end in negotiations in Helsinki, Finland, on August 15, 2005. Peace pioneers had been pursued before the tsunami, but the world-caught natural disaster put pressure on the conflicting parties to end the conflict.

Meanwhile aid from various parts of the world to rebuild Aceh after the earthquake and tsunami has succeeded in reorganizing the devastated areas due to natural disasters and the conflict. Country commitments and donor agencies were successfully realized at 6.7 billion dollars or 93 percent of the original $ 7.2 billion commitment. Naturally, if President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono used to thank for the solidarity of building Aceh and the contribution of the international community.

Nevertheless the results achieved have not provided satisfaction for the community. There are a number of unresolved issues under the Helsinki peace agreement. Development in the economic sector is also perceived as uneven and runs as planned.

Aleh ka pu hoem njoe.. Cok @brotherdave

Greeting from steemians Aceh 🙋🙋🙋

thank you for reflecting and giving enlightenment about aceh.
but little about the 2004 stunamis and natural disasters.
the people of Aceh are grieving.
this is not because of human activity but in the claim by the society that it is a trial from god.
Thanks you @brotherdave

Mantap @brotherdave rupanya anda sangat menyukai tentang aceh

I am happy and interesting to read your post about aceh.
if you can learn more about history aceh will be impressed to visit aceh.
i am glad to meet you mr @brotherdave

nyan ka beutoi @brotherdave bangsa aceh adalah bangsa yang leubeh ateuh rueng donya

Hello @brotherdave senang rasanya bisa mengenalimu perkenalkan saya pendatang baru di steemit. Saya sangat menyukai post anda yang menceritakan tentang aceh. Aceh memang merupakan daerah yang banyak menyimpan sejarah yang mengagumkan. Terimakasih

Hello @brotherdave, what you say in your post, this is very good because aceh actually liberate Indonesia from invaders, and naturally we ask for more rights.
And whether such a Tsunami is one of the political elements to stop aceh's struggle to get his rights, even though we aceh people already consider the Tsunami is a god's triumph for the supremacy of peace that made really reyalization.

Good post and wow you mentioned about aceh. The view that you convey is true but also we aceh society is resigned that this is all the will of god so @brotherdave