nyam ban hai tuoh... nyan ban hai rakoh nasi lawoeuk lawoeuk versi ku, hehe bereh bereh...

in aceh •  last year 


yang kaleuh taraweh, boh jak ta khop khop bu hehe...

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Munyo kheun awak pidie nyan bu prang.

Kheun bak kamoe ..... plantak


Haha nyan ka beutoi tat pak @sekdes.. Menyo keuneng ngen kamo awak pidie bu i ...?neusambong sige hehe...


Chit dikira....
Muah keu pidie laen beh
lon ata diyu sambong lee @badriadi.

Jak pajoh bu peu kak khop-khop bu..


Haha menyo sebagian daerah hana khen pajoh, haha tp khop khop bu. Menyo pajoeh nyan ata jeh....? Ata mangat nyan... Kkwkwkw...

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