When Islam Entered into Simeulue

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The Kingdom of Aceh Darussalam a highly advanced kingdoms. lbu city named Banda Aceh, the Kingdom was ruled by a Sultan.All the people on the Mainland of Aceh adopted Islamic religious education is very advanced in which where established Zawiya or religious schools.Likewise, rumah zakat. Mosques and meunasah spread throughout the country.The country safe and prosperous a Kingdom that rich country famous all over the world up to the land of the Netherlands Turkey, Egypt and others.Kingdom of Aceh an empire famous adherent to the religion.This means that the Acehnese devout and obedient to the teachings of the Islamic religion But at the time there was still an island there is no relationship with the Kingdom of Aceh, because it's the people on the island had not converted to Islam the island is located in the Indian Ocean (Samudera Indonesia).Sultan Iskandar Muda attempted so that the island had become a territory of the Kingdom of Aceh as well so that people converted to Islam, therefore Sultan send Teungku In Ujong to the island.Teungku In Ujong prepare a boat. Once ready, he set sail heading towards the island.Extensive sea Diharunginya it. In the voyage he found several small islands.He was not anchored on the island a small island that. because the intended Mandate of the Sultan is a large island that existed in the Indian Ocean.After some time he came to sail on a large island in the Bay of calm.The view is truly beautiful.

By saying Bismillah, Mendaratlah him on the island. He found the people that inhabit the island in a State of doubt But he greeted well by the people after he hung out with them in suave, after some time he began to invite the people converted to Islam.He preached to the people of religious studies. People love to receive the lesson that religion.The longer people's affection grew. He had the favor of the language.High manners. Her personal honest sincere and firm, therefore the people trying so that he settled on the island, Whether the road is as good as a good idea?The only way is so that he was willing to marry a Princess on the island.The people's leader invited him so that he was willing to mate with a Princess that is beautiful to behold, o gentle, virtuous, her name is Princess Meuleu or Capture.PNGputroe Meulue.Meulue meaning of flowers fragrant flowers, melur it smells floral decoration bun Princess Princess teen, Teungku In Ujong feeling blessed can marry a princess who has high.Anyway pretty interesting as her sense of honour and he calls the island the Island Princess Meulue Finally the island called the island of Simeulue.It means the island of the flowers melur. Thus the origin of the name of the island of Simeulue.I.e. a putroe (Princess) the island's beautiful Teungku.In Ujonq lived happily with Putroe Meulue, until he died, he was buried on the shores of the Bay of Simeulue in Latak Aya (layout of the father), Simeulue Tengah.He as the ancestors of the people of Central Simeulue And beliaulah first began to bring Islam to Simeulue.So one of the stories emanating from p. Simeulue.

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