the clove tree for every 25 youths who want to get married

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In memory of clove garden owners in Simeulue, the role of the Government directly on clove plantations occur at the end of the period of the 60s.That moment Teungku Muhammad, Figure (maid Regent) assigned in Simeulue issued rules that require every young man who was about to get married to plant at least 25 stems of cloves.The penalties given if this violates the rules is not playing, there will be married to the applicable national law.Not only progressive issued regulation in agriculture clove, Teungku Muhammad, also provide assistance to the youth of clove seedlings were about to get married and mandatory regulations affected planting trees.In addition, he also routinely provides assistance seeds are disseminated to the rest of Simeulue.As a result, is currently producing Simeulue was still known as the largest cloves in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam.Before 1992, the island of Simeulue island known as dollar because income from cloves are great causes many people from outside come to Simeulue island in droves to find work, especially when the clove harvest season arrives."Policy to plant cloves" Simeulue Island by Teungku Muhammad greatly affects society Simeulue.The welfare increase. The owners of the clove groves in Simeulue was often said that in the past, before the year 1992, many people could leave for the Hajj go with just a few sacks of dried cloves capitalization only.

The turning point of the golden age of clove in Simeulue Island in 1992.At that time, the establishment of the BPPC for monopolizing the clove trade later in the rest of Indonesia clove prices plummeted making.The owner of the orchard in Simeulue was reluctant to take care of the garden and harvesting their cloves because production costs incurred are far above the income they can get from the clove harvest.Some garden owners expressing annoyance rather than just silence the clove groves, they also cutting down parts of clove trees.If before the year 1992 the massive planting of cloves to occur, post 1992, many cloves are dead, or reduced due to cut down its owner.BPPC disaster also resulted in loss of the regulations was initiated Teungku Muhammad.Cloves-cloves that felled coconut and betel nut was replaced because it has a higher value.Besides communities focusing on fields and went to sea to meet the daily living needs of their families.Cloves that were previously being a prima donna, a well-to-do citizens, began to be abandoned because it was considered already worthless again.Cengkeh-Kering_1.jpg

Clove plantations on the island of Simeulue return managed after the tsunami 2004 year.In the early days of clove back managed, there is no regulation or direct assistance from the Government to the clove farmers.Form of attention to farmers ' cloves come from individual elements. According to the word that farmers in Simeulue, in 2007, Susi Pujiastuti buy up cloves in Simeulue.The price of cloves that formerly Rp26 thousand per kilogram, was bought at a price of $ thousands.After that, upon the intervention of Susi Pujiastuti, clove prices increased.Clove prices are in the range of $ Rp80 thousand up to thousands.Since the clove groves back managed in Simeulue, so far, according to Budimansyah, head of Department, Simeulue Regency Estates 1 time direct assistance given.The assistance was in the form of clove seedlings, fertilizer and pesticides. The aid granted in the year 2014.For this year, based on the decision of the Regent of Simeulue 524/400/2017: Number Of Recipient farmers group Assignments the provision of the means of agricultural production Otsus Funds Plantation/Regency Simeulue fiscal year 2017, clove plantations rehabilitation assistance covering 800 hectares.In addition to clove, coconut and nutmeg farmers also receive similar assistance.So far no special extension programs in agriculture and cloves.The legislation specifically issued for the agriculturally clove in Simeulue also does not exist.Regional authorities use law estates in General to manage farms of clove in their region.In the village of Pinang Subdistrict, Simeulue Water East, based on the deliberations of the village, the regulation of plant stem at least 25 cloves for youth who want to get married back in force.According to Asmanja, the village chief of the water, this rule Must've felt its benefits in the past, at present, when the clove prices back on the rise, this regulation will be very beneficial to the community.Water Village party pinang also requires care for the garden royong was held and the clove harvest time arrives.The time of harvest of cloves, a system to harvest the cash funds put into accepted student organizations for activities conducted youth village.
Village party also issued regulations that oblige the whole clove garden owners to contribute a minimum of 1 kilogram of dry clove harvest season every time.The donation of the cloves are used to build mosques and prayer hall, as well as build infrastructure in the village.In addition to the Water in the village of Pinang, rules donations related clove is also true.These donations are issued outside of the zakat which is always paid by the farmers ' cloves.In addition to these regulations, no more special regulations in the field of agriculture the cloves.Be it for cultivation, maintenance, plant protection or enhancement of the capacities of the farmers.Similar to Water in the village of Pinang, in the village of Nine West, Simeulue, the deliberations of the village to determine donation compulsory for clove harvest of village communities.Magnitude of donations every harvest season, the number determined from the results of the deliberations of the village.These donations outside the zakat which routinely issued by the clove trade.Two sources of funding, according to Erdiyan, the Secretary of the village of Nine, simply help the economy of the village, and give big contributions on infrastructure development in the village.The clove market to Simeulue region centered in Sinabang, Simeulue Regency Capital.Whole cloves produced collected by merchants in Sinabang before sent to the trading cities in Sumatra before finally arriving at Surabaya.Clove farmers against dependence of markets in Sinabang. Before the intervention of Susi Pujiastuti in year 2007, the price of clove in Simeulue exactly controlled Sinabang.In addition to the role of Susi Pujiastuti, easier access to information caused the owner of cloves can monitor directly the clove prices outside of Sinabang.

In Aceh Barat Daya, after the destruction of the Agriculture of pest invasion on clove late 80s, local governments issued advice to the public in order to replace clove plants that died with other commodities.The community chose durian and nutmeg as the main crop replacement. After that, the clove limited as an ornamental plant in the home page.Either the Government or the public, choosing to no longer make the mainstay of clove.Twilight of clove plants experienced Southwest Aceh Regency. what happens in contrast to Simeulue Regency in Aceh Barat Daya, and different with the Aceh Besar.In Aceh Besar, clove planting massive at least in the last 10 years post-war peace agreement between GAM and the Government of Indonesia, local government fairly routinely provide aid seeds and fertilizer to farmers.Based on utterance Natsir, Ihsan, Iqbal, and Well Rashid, clove farmers in Lhoknga Subdistrict, Mukim Lamlhom, at least there are already 3 times help seedlings and fertilizers provided the Government.The estate agency of Aceh Besar District also already have a certified nursery centers.Seedlings from Aceh Besar Aceh Besar in addition to market, was also sent to Sabang, Simeulue, and a few other districts in Aceh province.Meanwhile, the Government of the village to the present indeed has not issued specific rules relating to the estate of clove.Mutual tradition of tending, and regular donations of whole clove farmers harvest, giving a considerable impact for the economy of the village.Interestingly, the communal system of citizens to protect their living area.The cloves became one of the tools used to protect the region from the invasion of the cement factory and industrial company of palm plantations.Clove farmers in Aceh Besar, the majority of practicing law directly perindungan land: that to save the land from extractive industries or indstri large plantations which threaten the region that became the source of life of the citizens, one of the best ways is to make land in order to become more productive.
Capital, transportation and communication systems are becoming the most influential asset on clove agriculture in Aceh.Capital in the form of land, soil fertility and stem-trunk trees planted on the land.The availability of good road in each location largely determine the distribution system yields.While the communication system makes it easy for the owners of cloves to connect with buyers of cloves and clove prices to monitor outside.There is a difference in Simeulue and Aceh Besar Regency, to the most influential asset in the business of cloves.In Simeulue, the existence of the road signals and cell phones become the most influential factor.Before there was the way, the owners of clove in the central region to the West of the island of Simeulue send the results of their cloves to Sinabang-engined boat.It took between 12 hours up to 24 hours (depending on the distance between villages with Sinabang) to achieve Sinabang.After the road was built in post 2004 tsunami, from the westernmost village to Sinabang only takes approximately 6 hours.This condition which is still bad. In some places have not been paved, which is paved there are holes in many places, only the streets near Sinabang who quite well.Imagine if road conditions good throughout Simeulue, will slash travel time significant enough to send yields to Sinabang.Simeulue Regency Government itself has already committed to fixing the whole periphery the island within the next 3 years.
In addition to the road, in Simeulue, access to mobile phone signals very help clove farmers.They can communicate directly with the buyers of cloves with ease.They could also monitor the price quickly. In villages in the central region to the West of the island, just 3 years later the cell phone signal can be accessed properly.The presence of roads and cell phone signals, farmers benefitted greatly.They lived in turn contact the buyers of cloves, then buyers would go to farmers to buy clove from farmers directly.What's happening in contrast to Simeulue in Aceh Besar.Access to capital in the form of land and clove trees became a very influential factor.After a moment of entering the golden age of Agriculture of clove in the late 70s and early 80s, clove garden owners access to the plantation they are very limited.The conflict between the GAM and the Government of Indonesia cause they could not access their own garden.Applied to the area of military operations (DOM) by the new order regime break the line of the owner of the garden with their gardens.The garden became neglected, a lot of clove trees damaged and die.After it was dissolved BPPC, clove national farm returns, but this does not happen in Aceh Besar.After DOM was discontinued along with the fascist regime of the new order, the administration of President Megawati continued a policy similar to the DOM by invoking Emergency regulations of the military campaign to put down the independence demands of Aceh GAM.After the peace agreement between the GAM and the Government of Indonesia, the efforts to rehabilitate the new clove garden done in Aceh Besar.In the last 10 years, the rehabilitation of clove plants and planting a massive re done.More than 2000 hectares in the last 10 years, emerging new clove gardens in Aceh Besar.Relatively close between the clove-producing villages in Aceh Besar with Banda Aceh, making farmers did not trouble to access roads, as well as access the cell phone signal.In the two biggest clove producer Regency in Aceh province, this human resources manage quite a large clove plantations.The entire villagers have clove plantations, was directly involved in any form of business the clove plantations.cultivating knowledge, care and clove harvest system they get from people who've been more used to be farmed and cloves.The price is quite high and that many crops, causing many residents choose clove commodities as their principal source of income.petik_cengkeh.jpgkabupaten-simeulue-vector-logo.png

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