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Eleven years have passed since the tsunami plunged Aceh. When visiting Aceh, the bitterness may sometimes still be felt. In Aceh itself, there are museums that save the relics of tsunami disaster 14 years ago. His name is the Aceh Tsunami Museum. Incomplete taste, when visiting Aceh without visiting the Tsunami Museum. But not only the history of the tsunami that you can see in this museum, because there are hidden facts about the Tsunami Museum that not many people know. Here are the facts about the Tsunami Museum


1 .The building has two meanings


When viewed from above, this museum reflects the tsunami waves, but when viewed from the side (bottom) looks like a rescue boat with a large deck as an escape building.

2.Funded billions of rupiah


This museum was built by BRR NAD-NIAS after the design competition won by M Ridwan Kamil, ITB lecturer and entitled to fund Rp 100 million. This museum alone spent 140 billion for its construction.

3.As if feeling the tsunami


Not only serves as a memorial monument tsunami, but visitors who come as can feel the incident Aceh tsunami 11 years ago. Inside there are five thematic rooms that have their own messages.

4.There are names of victims


The 2004 Aceh tsunami killed up to hundreds of thousands of lives, leaving the names of victims and families left behind. There is a room called Space of Sorrow or Prayer Well, where visitors can see the names of the victims of the 2004 Aceh Tsunami. The various names of victims are stuck to the walls of the Space of Sorrow room.

5.Sea-shaped roof


When viewed, the roof of the Aceh Tsunami Museum looks like a sea wave. Unique indeed, from the outside you can see the essence of this museum that serves as a memorial to the tsunami of Aceh in 2004. The atmosphere of tsunami was more present when visitors go to Space of Fear, where visitors can feel the atmosphere of the tsunami in a narrow hallway decorated by the sound gurgling water.

6.The basic design of Aceh's stage house


Originally, the Aceh Tsunami Museum took the basic idea of ​​Rumoh Aceh. Nuance Rumoh Aceh was also visible on the first floor of the museum which is made to resemble a house on stilts, which is a traditional house of Acehnese people. Ridwan Kamil did insert various elements of Aceh, Islam, until the 2004 Aceh Tsunami disaster into the design of the building.

  1. Also as a tsunami shelter


The design of the Aceh Tsunami Museum is called 'Rumoh Aceh Escape Hill'. Remarkably, the museum not only serves as a memorial monument, but as a refuge from the tsunami disaster. Reflecting on the tragedy of the 2004 Aceh Tsunami, Ridwan Kamil created a hill-shaped garden that can be used as a rescue site if the disaster occurs again in the future. The sloping roof is meant to accommodate residents.

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