To be better, combating the desires of the soul is the main solution for us

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Practicing the Soul

Practicing the soul here which we will talk about is a way that we do diligently to achieve the holy goal.

The sincerity that we do by fighting the desires of the soul that are more inclined to bad things is called mujahadah.

Remembrance is a work that we continue to do all the time and everywhere by doing it openly or with secrets in our hearts.

Remembrance here means broad, not necessarily with the mouth that comes out in the form of sound, but by:

  1. Deepening a natural phenomenon that leads to God's Power.
  2. Say the names of God in the mouth.
  3. By performing worship and rituals.
  4. By giving something delicious to others that God has given us all.


Constraints in fighting the desires of the soul

The desire of the soul will not fight if it is not fought. As for when the soul's desire for ugliness we fight, we will get extraordinary resistance from our souls. So remembering all the teachings of God and his Apostle will be able to block the excessive desire of the soul.

So fighting the desires of the soul will be able to defeat us as warlords.
Fighting the enemy is still easier than fighting the desires of our own soul.


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