The truth is produced and we can agree and we discuss it

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Tonight I want to talk a little about "the truth".
That truth comes with an agreement that is in accordance with common sense and cultural standards where the truth is born and decided.

That truth comes when there is an agreement in one organization and group of people. With the agreement, an agreed truth is realized.

There are also truths that come with differences of opinion and perspectives. This is also the truth we must admit. This truth is based on the basic reason that exists in man without impartial interests.

There is another truth revealed by God through the Prophet for man's grip. Then it becomes a truth that cannot be rejected by humans in the form of any interests. Then the teachings revealed by God are truths that cannot be refuted by reason, or the principles of culture. Except for a few people who do not understand the nature of the matter, so that the teachings revealed by God are errors and not truths that must be held throughout their lives and lives.


Universal truth

Universal truth can be interpreted by going through several stages, namely:

  1. There is an event about an object
  2. We respond to these events with reason and other reasoning.
  3. From the reasoning process, it will bring an axiomatic conclusion
  4. This axiomatic thing is considered to be a universal truth.


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