It's easy to get the beauty of yourself

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The beauty is in doing much for the family and the environment

We are all humanly sure to want beauty in us.
We are here talking about beauty in ourselves, not talking about the beauty of our bodies.
The greatness of ourselves that we continue to build and we cultivate will not be important to the standard of beauty in us.
That greatness will not build our souls into beauty. But only helping and supporting ourselves we get extraordinary beauty.

How to get beauty in us?

To build and support the beauty of our soul by doing much to others.
By doing much to our environment, the beauty of life is easy to obtain

We are able to get a number of undergraduate diplomas at various universities, but they will not be able to build the beauty of ourselves.

We are rich people who have advanced companies and continue to get economic awards, but that won't make much difference about getting beauty in us.

How about that?
Awaken the beauty in us with many thanks.
Do everything God commands in our lives.
What should we do as rich people who are given wealth by God?
What should we do as scholars who are given knowledge by God?


What is the beauty of yourself?

Proverbs that say:

"The beauty of life, not depend on how happy my life is, but how happy the others"

Making family happy is a priceless beauty.
Blessing our loved ones becomes the most valuable treasure.
Doing it to a neighbor becomes something that cannot be considered cheap and expensive, but it is the rarest pearl in the universe.


Sharing is an extraordinary beauty of yourself

Sharing wealth is the most sought-after happiness.
Sharing feelings is the most beautiful thing that God created for humans.
Sharing life is the noblest thing that the Prophet recommended to his people.

A small example, sharing one burger with friends is the most important moment in the history of friendship.


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