Art Of Life; Our strength is in good neighbors

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Have you become a good neighbor?

A good neighbor is a neighbor who has the ability to understand what should be done for neighbors.

A good neighbor is a neighbor who cares about the life of his environment.
The right neighbor is a neighbor who understands the lives of others next to his house.

The opportunity to do good to your neighbors should never be wasted so you will lose.

Neighbors who are having trouble

the person who understands best that we are in a difficult situation is our neighbor. and the closest neighbors are able to provide first aid before our distant family. But there are our families who also become our neighbors. So he is a family and a neighbor.

The distress and exhaustion that afflicts us never see time.
The difficulty that befell a person never chooses social status and other things. But it is God who gives trouble and trouble and God also provides solutions and ways for these difficulties.

The value of a first aid from a neighbor can exceed the help given by a family far from us.


Ladybug helps their neighbors by living in a colony

The life of a colony built by a group of ladybugs is a neighbor's life that is very powerful and has the ability to help others between them who will become an important force in a colony.

So God gave the colony to ladybugs for their strength from predators and weather.

Come next door and let's build strength with your neighbors. Because it was commanded by God who created us.


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