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I had posted on the museum ‘San’ located in Wonjo of Gangwon province in Korea by Ando Dadao who is the Japanese world famous architect. I had been there when it was raining.
I am his big fan. I love his architectures, the sense of Art and the attitude toward his job.

One day I had strolled around the downtown in Youngsan area of Seoul to wait for my friend.
There I saw the building looked like similar to the architecture of Ando Dadao.
It looked like really nice, so I took the pics of that building.
It was the local office building. At first, I was really pleased.




But as getting closer to that building, I was so disappointed. That building was not original but the fake.
It looked like some one copied Ando Dadao.

As I mentioned before relating to the characteristics of the Works by Ando Dadao, there were small holes on the surfaces of the wall. His works were famous for the nude building. He did not use the paint or other things to protect the walls of the building.



Those small holes were used for the function to exhibit the works without any damage on the wall.
The exhibition was held on the wall along the corridor at that time.




Then if they filled up those holes, how they could exhibit the works on the wall.

The gray color of the cement and the holes on the wall were the trade mark of Ando Dadao.

But in this building, the holes were filled up to escape the accusation.
It was so shamed.
This building was made with the budget of the government.
How dare the office building could be copied.

I was really sorry. Until now I could not understand why the local government did like that.


It's a shame indeed. :( Sadly, I think most governments are like that.

It is not good really @slowwalker and the government official concerned are just too insensitive about that issue of faking the building. Maybe they have their reasons or maybe just ran out of ideas.

@slowwalker, I'm wondering to see the architecture of Ando Dadao. He had amazing techniques for create building styles. First time I see architecture of Ando Dadao. My mind be change after see those photo clicks. Nice work.

All beautiful things are copied. Of course they were made with public money ... it's not a big deal. I agree with you. But I can assure you that copying a style is normal in architecture. It is called "Mannerism" which means "in the way of ...." There are many examples ..

Wow, that's too bad.... when it comes to art, governments are not known to be too sensitive about it. They are focused on exerting maximum control over the populace and increasing their own wealth; everything else unfortunately falls by the wayside unless it aids that main goal.

The building is beautiful, but considering what you described, all the sympathy for him disappeared. It is a pity that plagiarism is practiced at the governmental level.

Excellent architecture.
Wonderful photography! I liked it . Well done my friend.

did they renovate the museum,it's not good for the history to fake it..honestly they don't have right they just use their power as a Government.

Thanks for sharing sir walker

I imagine that as well as you should have more people disappointed to know that it is a false building in the architectural works that you mentioned! It is good to know not to take with that surprise in case of visiting that place some day

@slowwalker I could just sense your Disappointment while Reading through the Entire Post. It seems like Governments don't really do the Right Thing very Often..............

@slowwalker, how much will It cost to build a Building ?

The truth that I understand, how is it possible that this happens? regrettably many governments make a bad copy of so many things!
That they take the architecture of a person that practically for that reason is that he is recognized, to make a copy! that is so degrading, a government can not do that because it gives a bad example to the entire community of your country, everyone has their style and can not be copying it from others.

Mr. Adnsdo has a great style! shows how beautiful architecture can be, to the natural!
I love!

Thats not good thing.Copying is bad habbit.but wao such a wonderful architector.Very impressive and great building.Creaters create beautifully.I really life these places.Thanks for sharing.

Well they could have gone for little changes atleast in that or hired someone for the plan at least

Interesting about the role of the holes.

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