Rejoice! @accra is growing to help you!

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#teamaccra has come together again! This time to lay the groind work for uplifting the ghamoan steemit community.

Today we discussed so many great things regarding development of the community.

Some of thpse things were

    which is a plan by @josyextrao to 8mcrease the literacy of students in ghana through outreach and direct work with students.

  2. What can @accra do for you?
    We are building a plan to ensure all our membets recieve an income from their participation. Be on the look out for a full post outli ing the benefits.
    A few to look forward to are:
    •delegation rewards
    •gigs ( writing, art, teachong etc)
    • consultations
    And much much more.

  3. What can you do for @accra?
    We are in need of enthisiastic steemians who are interested in PARTICIPATING. Our goal is to build a basic supplementary income on the steemit platform for our members. We need your help as steemians to make that possible.
    As we build our brand we are open to siggestioms and consultations on how to move forward and empower our community.

  4. The path forward
    @accra is growing at a great pace right now and thanks to the work of folks lile @ackza ghama steem at large is growing! Our job is to make sire those new users find a way to earn and are not discouraged. As such we will be implememtimg several programs to bolster morale and income!

Keep an eye on #accra and @accra because we will be pitting oit quite a bit of co tent teaching pur commu oty abput the good of @accra and how you can become part of it!

Ps. Please take a moment to vote @yensesa as one of ypur witnesses. It helps bring some pf the influence here to Africa where it can do the most good!



All in all, it was a great meeting. We were literally swimming in a pool of ideas. Great team! #teamaccra

big ups guys. thats really great work there. @accra shall really stand strong and tall.

Thanks hope you can make it to the. NExt one in april!

we look forward to it

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