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I have said before on a few occasions that I play around with numbers and instead of getting worried when the Steem price drops have fun and challenge your self.

I wasn't here when Steem was at $7 or $8 but was here when it was over $4. If for instance you had an account value of $1000 then and the market now has retracted over the last few months ,you should be trying to keep the value as close to $ 1000. Difficult I know but not impossible, maybe some of you are ahead in value. If you can achieve this, then even though your value hasn't grown your account has by over 400%. Today as I am writing Steem is down 17% and if it stays down for the next week or so your $1000 will be $830 or so. If you can claw it back in the meantime to $1000 you have grown but your value hasn't.'Treading water is a good way of accumulating and growing.

It may sound crazy but then the Crypto swings are crazy and it is a simple method of not worrying about the price but growing in a bear market. You can't control the price but you can target growth and where else do you see growth like that. All the other traders than hold in Crypto who aren't on the Steem platform don't have this opportunity. Where else can you grow your investment by having some fun while the markets do their thing?

This is one reason why I find it strange that there aren't more hardcore Crypto traders in here looking after at least one of their investments. This is a unique site in that way and everyone should take advantage of what is possible.

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Right you are, but steemit is not a place for hardcore traders. It is a place for crypto enthusiasts and long term investors looking to have a better understanding of the crypto space


Quite right. Just want them to realize that it's the number of steem you have and if the value of the account stays the same when it's dropping they are still growing. Everyone must carry on as normal and stay the course as we all have long term goals.

Perhaps the hard-core traders are making bank on a 15% fall in BTC over the past 24 hours :)

This is where my investment is though, and so i'm working hard to try to look after it!


Hi Asher. Good timing on this post with the market dropping like it has. If they use this logic then they wont worry and can relax knowing they are still growing. It works for me anyway and you have to look after your investments.

The cutting edge traders are using their massive BTC holdings and futures market to their full advantage. What would be more profitable than shorting while dumping big?

Numbers in steem is a good way to look at it rather than account value. Account value can rise and fall at anytime


That is what i do and it works.

howdy sir cryptoandcoffee! yeah what empress said, couldn't agree more, this is a rare opportunity to build our accounts. well said and great points!


Thanks @janton. What empress said is quite correct. There are more holders here and it's about growing your account long term.

Awwww man. Tell me about it. My COSS was valued at 36K in December but now they are worth 700 quid. Mother of jesus.


Hi @blanchy. Never heard of COSS. If it was Steem at least you could make some whilst the carnage was happening and minimize your losses.


It’s an exchange. If you hold coss you get 50% of the trading fees in that trades currency. Potential to make millions so I’m holding out. I reckon I’m onto a winner but the bear came. It was 3 quid a pop in Dec


the beauty is it will come back and be even higher.We are still at the beginning.

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