Have you ever seen an accident live?

in accident •  24 days ago 

Like in front of your eyes?


I was waiting at a light when I saw a crossover kiss a truck.

Holy shit how did this even happen.


Everyone is fine, except for the cars of course.

Unfortunately i was driving a truck and not the Tesla. If I had I would have some video footage and could have probably helped figure out what happened.

Life fucking happens.

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Cars can be replaced, I'm happy to read that no-one was hurt.

I haven't seen one but I been in a couple.

I been in a car that grazed the side of a poll then smashed the curve. Totaled the car (luckily it was an old beater) and I ended up with a concussion but overall no life threatening injuries to anyone.

How about you @knircky, have you been in any car accidents?

I been involved into minor ones. One was really crazy. I was driving and had this weird out of body type experience that I will be in an accident.

10 minutes later it happened.

Thanks @knircky for the local reporting! Always nice to stay up-to-date regarding traffic accidents in the area! Stay safe. Watch out for cyclists.

How have you been man. How has ur steemmonsters deck developed?

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Been good. Didn't make it to the ETH meetup last night. Was preoccupied watching Zuckerberg's testimony. Listen to this cogent insanity from Bradley Sherman (Democrat California) on his birthday:

How has ur steemmonsters deck developed?

It's one of the finest in the world.

Was making a post 2 years ago, was a trick to find, but here we go. Happened just near my house, so I was quick to get few shots...


Three times. Twice I was the first to get there and assist the victims. Once the driver was drunk and instead of thanking me for stabilizing his unconscient friend he was mad because I called the police (I didn't, an officer off duty was passing by).

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Oh no, I've never seen and never experienced a road accident. They say that everything happens so fast, Luckily this time only cars suffered the worst part.

As long nothing is happend to the people inside, all is fine. I saw once a simlar one which a tuk tuk drive into a druck. We are realicing that every person can have an accident with another person, every day and every moment.