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This is a general reading for Libra and all men and wo who fall under that star sign. This reading is good from 08/22/2017 to 08/29/2017.


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Card Question:
How will the week go for Libra?



Libra, meet Alocer.

(Below:The book description of this card.)


This card is telling me that you should be indulging mostly in liberal art. I am also getting that astronomy may be a very interesting focus/subject for you. Idk. Maybe he just wants you to look at the stars this week and notice their beauty. 💜

I am also getting that this week would be the perfect week to look at getting a new pet, but only for those of you who are looking to get a new pet or have been longing for an animal companion.

For those of you Libra who are in need of new furniture or other home accessories, this week would be the best week to go thrift shopping or antique shopping.

For those of you who have pets and are having difficulty with bad pet behaviour. It is time to take a day off work to spend at home with your pet, or at least schedule more time with your pet. He is telling me that your pets are feeling neglected and are acting out because of either a physical issue or because they need your love and attention.


Runic Question:
How will Libra prosper this week?


The top rune is called Thurisaz. Thurisaz is the TH sound in the alphabet and is also the rune representing Thorn.

Thurisaz indicates there will be a hardship, a struggle, loss of focus, or a pain that will become an obstacle for you to overcome in order to prosper.

I am getting that this pertains mostly to a loss of focus or that you are struggling to focus. This may be due to anything from lack of sleep to just extra cosmic energies disrupting your chakras.

Thurisaz was cast upside down, indicating that your struggle with focus will become a major obstacle. (As a Libra myself, I can admit to having this problem.)

The second rune is called Mannaz. Mannaz is the letter M in the Runic alphabet. Mannaz indicates your prosperity will come mainly from yourself.

Mannaz is also telling me that your main focus needs to be on yourself, and your family this week. Take more time to do things alone. Go on a family outing to the park.

Another thing I am getting from Mannaz is that in order to prosper, you need to restore your faith in Humanity and use more of your human energy at work.


My advice:
Spend your free time studying or observing the stars. Make your family time more meaningful. Take a day off to spend with your pet and really get to bonding with them in a way you haven't been able to in a long time. If you don't have a pet, and want one, start planning for one or go out and get one. If you lose focus on your goals, turn yourself around and balance the scales out in your favor once more!

This concludes my reading for Libra.


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