About me - healing technology

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I have a means of helping people deal with past trauma (PTSD, birth trauma, physical and emotional) by simply spending time with a tuning fork working through the person's biofield. There's even some experience that suggests that past lives or ancestral links can be worked on. If you have some service you'd like to trade for my time, let me know. This also involves soaking in the ocean after the therapy to help detox the body. RemedyCoin is my main mission these days, but I believe I can help all of you improve your psychology, physiology by spending time working this simple practice. It isn't something you need to believe. It just works. Some people can feel it working from up to 18 feet away. Brief emotional releases can occur. People who've used drugs, might briefly get really high. You might bring your favorite ear plugs if the sound bothers you.

Some difficult issues might take about five two hour sessions. Often it's reported that people sleep much better.

I also can provide some Ozone Therapy . It's a great adjunct to fighting cancer, helps with detoxing. It would be my first way to treat a stroke or heart attack to unclog the vascular system and for stopping bleeding. Ozone was recommended by Nicola Tesla for health. I've saved my friend Roxann's life numerous times with ozone therapy.

Who would have thought that magnets could shrink tumors? Cure knee problems, fix arthritis, help clear clogged glands, make plants grow differently?

So I'm into the work of Slim Sperling. I saw a woman with fibermyalgia healed with these copper tools. It helped a boy who couldn't sit still to be able to sit still as long as he was wearing the ring. I've seen rapid healing of cuts. I've heard of a broken bone mending within 20 minutes. These rings can help amplify the power of a healer, while making the work more effortless.