Liverwort ( Radula marginata), the Medical Lichen

in academia •  2 years ago

Great news folks, there may be another version of THC sitting out there in the world.

This mediacl lichen is a Non Marijuana Plant That Contain Cannabinoids.

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This New Zeland liverwort contains a large amount of perrottetinenic acid. First discovered in 2002, perrottetinenic acid is remarkably similar to THC. It’s even expected to act on the CB1 receptor. The CB1 receptor is the primary binding site for THC and is what gives the compound its psychoactive effects.

There had been no psychoactive effects to have been reported for this liverwort variety but, the plant has been historically used as a natural treatment for bronchitis as well as gallbladder, liver, and bladder problems. This hints that there is medicinal value in these lichens.

Please take note however that Perrottetinene will cause a positive on a THC screen. Something to keep in mind to keep anyone from concluding that this is an alternative to illegal MJ.

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