Who is that guy downvoting all my stuff?

in abuse •  2 months ago 

Some people try to help STEEM grow, others try to make a quick buck. And there are absolute idiots who fail at both. Idiots like @camillesteemer. This cretin downvotes every post I make. As you can see from his rep of 12, his quite respected in the steem community....
So he downvotes and uses his SP for what?
Well, stupid people do stupid things.

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The asshole keeps down voting me to, he is bitter because of being flagged a while back, and now flaggs anything, he has been stuck to me like shit on a blanket for a While now. Upvoted and resteemed

I have noticed on his wallet there are accounts sending him steem, one account is not a bot, could that be him, I am a bit scared to say the name because I don't want any more down votes, has acid in the name.

I would like to know too

Fun fact: this post already made me more SP than @camillesteemer will ever take from me 😹

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Hi @camillesteemer!


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